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"Right-Wing Moments In Rock". i.e. When White Musicians revealed how they truly felt.

Published on 05 Apr 2021 / In Music

,, probably a load of bollocks with some of this but worth a watch

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Zenith26 6 days ago

Expressing consideration for their race. How disgusting.

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AppalachianAmerican 14 days ago


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ScreamingInSilence 14 days ago

For many years the music industry have targeted Children in a degenerate manner. That seems to be where we're at now and it makes me sick to the core!... Talmudic bullshit.

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Panterabyte 14
Panterabyte 14 14 days ago

Many of these people said certain things or made certain song and sold out, because they wanted to make more money. That's why you really are legit "selling your soul" when you do this, because a demon jew, almost always cuts your check and if not, the guy who cuts your check's check is cut by a jew. Lol. That's why we would have to regain control over our own wealth to ever have dignity again.

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Joel 14 days ago

Bowie, not bullocks. His mother was a fascist,'s my simple take, but that's just another ''ism'',....we KNOW who's famous for their ''ism'' labelling. Some of us KNOW what The Star represents. Recognised and thanked by The (((German))) Government. He DID his job,...he DID what he was supposed to do. And The Thin White Duke came after all the androgyny shit. Zappa also did a song called Catholic Girls,, there's that. John LENIN, IMAGINE??? Yaaa, Imagine Covid 19, we're ALMOST there Johnny boy!! <<---Fuck that Jew (The BEAK!!))) Ringo IS a Jew.......And I've mentioned in other comments, regarding Rock/Pop music. I'm pretty sure the British had their own Laurel Canyon thing going. Do a little research, it's shocking how many of these personalities have direct military connections in their immediate family,......right up to Taylor Swift..........Mistfits,......Black Flag, Henry Rollins, need I say more. The Ramones,.....They're JEWISH,......that's that. I believe I heard something about Gary Newman and child porn,.......I could be quite wrong (A LOT of tit-bits floating around) but, I also could be quite right,...and at 19:45 in THIS video,....Gary Newman, Illuminated Pyramid,...hmmmmm. Lemmy,...Motorhead, a LOT of the ''punks'' or ''hardcore'' types who buy or bought (I'm old now) into the Nazi thing, is just for the rebellious bullshit image it presents itself to them as,......I've KNOWN enough of them,.....they REALLY don't understand politics or the world beyond anything that can fit on a tee-shirt. Just look at all the hardcore/punks who JUST LOVE NOFX. Billy Corgan comes from a Lucferian background,....on his own admission. Hahaha, 35:05,...I was wondering if someone was gonna bring up Screwdriver. They're NOT what we think they are/what they present themselves to be. We ALL bought into some of it at some point,..............and are we gonna stop listening to music???

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