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"Jew's the smartest"-claims jew

Published on 05 Dec 2020 / In Judaism / Talmud

Charles Murray discusses one of the many controversial claims found in "The Bell Curve"; that Jews are the smartest people as a group.

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DANISAJEW 5 months ago

He said, crudily, instead of crudely. This shabbas goy can't even speak, of course he's going to think his masters are more clever. Couldn't sit still while he sweated out those numbers either...

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TigrisAlbus 8 months ago

Even IF true, a group being "smartest" does not justify being immune from criticism, raping children, sexual blackmail, usury, promoting degeneracy, being parasites of the work of others, and literally killing and eating the children of your host.

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Soldier1 8 months ago

They're Neanderthals and have been around at least 40,000 years. They are better educated than others, but are not necessarily more intelligent. All of their inbreeding would make that an impossibility. Since their species has more murderers, pedophiles, cannibals, thieves, etc., than any other we should all thank our lucky stars we're not in their group.

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