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" I want to thank people in charge for making that rain available. Keep up the great work"

Published on 11 Jul 2021 / In Geoengineering

Even if you show this video to the useful idiots bcs of their cognitive dissonance they won't be able to process it. They won't understand what it's been said or they will say he misspoke (or taken out of context even tho it's clear as day) while simultaniously calling you a conspiracy theorist for showing them a video of someone else and the words he spoke.

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Freedom 16 days ago

This guy is fully one of evils pawns. They don't even try to hid their agenda anymore.

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Antonio 16 days ago

Yeah. For a while now they either tell the out right truth or out right mock people with stuff they make up like the current scamdemic/plandemic, or let's say good old "time travel" , etc. When you have 99% of sheeple who don't think you can say either the truth or the most absurd thing or concept that comes to mind it makes no difference at all.

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