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⁣"Heathcote pupils share their thoughts around BLM on the anniversary of George Floyd’s death"

Published on 27 May 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣"Heathcote pupils share their thoughts around BLM on the anniversary of George Floyd’s death"

hardly any White children. my only hope is they are being homeschooled but alas this is the UK and the brainwashing and indoctrination is nearly complete for these next gen invaders

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We are NOT one. We are not and never will be. I'm not Chinese, hermaphrodite, pedophile, butt-fucker, nigger, drunk, commie chaos lover, animal fucker or jew. I'm a Hebrew of the Iberians, who discriminates and stands with MY ancestors the Celts who are NOT the mongol hordes or molech-worshipping blood-cult child sacrificer Hittite. I stand with my cousin Vikings and all the tuatha-de-Danaan, the Greeks and the Trojans and the Hykssos. I am of the vine, everyone else COULD have been grafted into, but they rejected that option preferring briars. Instead they just stole, burned and despised wanting to return to Sodom. We are NOT all one. Go on, try me.

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momento 2 months ago

That girl should learn how to say a sentence without saying "like" all the time. That's why she is in school, hence the uniform. Focus on that basic skill to get through adult life in the world, not identity politics you fucking stupid nigger bitch.

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Outcast 2 months ago

Ok ! You brainwashed child.
How was race even a factor! In the death of someone who is out on probation and bond. That is very high on illegal drug's, while having just committed a crime then several more when being arrested.
And was very noncompliant.
Race had no bearing on this criminals death.
And that if "George Floyd" even existed and actually died...
A closed casket funeral for a drug overdose or choking death. 2+2=4
2+2 does not equal 5 or 3 or 2 .please remember the media can deceive us 6 ways of Sunday!!!
And do it , and repeatedly does deceive us 24/7/365 on the Regular.
Use your own cognition as a way of understanding the world we live in...

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YB8910 2 months ago

They've sure been programmed like good G0¥$

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DaveyMc 2 months ago

What I have learned, I agree with BLM, defund the police and enjoy the show.

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