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Queer Theory Jeopardy

Published on 27 Apr 2021 / In Pedophilia / Trafficking

This video was removed from YouTube time and time again. No reason to explain why.

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Lawi 12 days ago

Homosexuals cannot reproduce, there must be a means of indoctrination. That's why White, Christian Nations have laws against soliciting children for sex acts. If children were born homosexual then at a specific age they would start paring-up to replicate their species; clearly, the anus has not adapted to replicate the vagina, and the vagina has not adapted to replicate the penis. Therefore these homosexual abominations would cease to exist.

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apekillerX 12 days ago

Those filthy f....g fake ass jews / SOS / GOG are by nature and DNA faggots and child molesting POS ! There babylonian talmud instructs and advocates pedophilia and molesting and raping White children ! They are the worlds filth and sewage sliming into every White Nation ! They will soon be exterminated as prophesied in the scriptures and apocrypha. Micah 4:13 - Obadiah 1:15-18

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