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Putin The Pedo

Published on 16 Sep 2020 / In Pedophilia / Trafficking

Putin is an obvious vampire.

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FridgeDucky 2 months ago

Putin surrounds himself with pedophile rabbis, former KGBs, and "Russian mafia" types that engage in sex trafficking. The rabbis of Israel and abroad are known to traffick teenage girls for marriage. The KGB (the Russian CIA) most likely has similar skeletons in the closet as the CIA does. The "Russian mafia" (which is really just jewish organized crime syndicates) operate sex rings. Putin is the central figure on all this.

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riot 5 months ago

No evidence just speculation.

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9 months ago

what's wrong with being a 'pedo'?

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rgalunas 9 months ago

Wasn't it the Russian Jews that came to USA? Only Jews were allowed to leave and move to NYC to make wealth. And everyone else were controlled as gallery slaves? Just a though! The Dream Police Cheap Trick

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rgalunas 9 months ago

My faith is my foundation and I love all people. Truth is the most loving thing I can share.

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