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PT 1.5 FULL VERSION SOL NIGER: The Ultimate Black Sun Art of Alchemy And Darkness

Published on 03 Jun 2021 / In Documentry Films Worth Watching

CONTINUE ⁣pt.2 SOL NIGER: The Ultimate Black Sun Art of Alchemy And Darkness
⁣20 Minutes have been trimmed off By Youtube, So If You want to watch the rest of Part 1.5 CLICK HERE , each Segment will be an hour longer here
VIDEO HERE ALREADY BANNED TWICE AND 20 MINUTES TRIMMED OFF, We have FULL Complete Upgrade Version to start off the 7 PART SOL NIGER Series...Here is Part 1.5 Enjoy



Part 2 Here: ⁣
PART 3 Here

FANPAGE ⁣Black Sun King 012 : BLACK Emperor: Hyperborean Aryan God Beyond

⁣WOW You nailed it Erik Geoffrey Plott! Succinct and been wanting to say this somehow in simple words...You just expressed over 59 years of my belief in Bible faith, and jesus fearing god for heaven to not go to hell fear loop...You helped me wake up and freed my spirit..Thanks to your poetic justice and #ThoughtPROFESS you often break it down so sweet and short and it is more of the Truth for me today and everything is permitted, which is a mind-blower, you made your reality based on what you know or belief in that others tell you. IN THE WHITE SUNLIT WORLD as You call it. E PLOTT'S FULL WRITE UP ABOUT "Greatest Lie Ever Told" here


Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: SOL NIGER • Ultimate Black Sun the Dark Art and Alchemy

Nature Reality : PT 3 Unlocking KEYS To You In Verse

20 Minutes have been trimmed off By Youtube, So If You want to watch the rest of Part 1.2 CLICK HERE AND REWATCH The Last Parts, each Segment will be an hour longer here

AMAZING Last work plott, I cant wait to listen to and watch the last 7 or six on this 666 day! I say all hail Saturn side of the. Brain! This is great amazing work!

FULL MOVIE WILL BE AT CHANNEL HERE SOON! June 1 2021 READ FULL DESCRIPTION ON FAN PAGE HERE "AMAZING Last work plott, I cant wait to listen to and watch the last 7 or six on this 666 day! I say all hail Saturn side of the. Brain! This is great amazing work! YOUTUBE VERSION


Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: SOL NIGER • Ultimate Black Sun the Dark Art and Alchemy
•Project Overview of the Dark Art and Alchemy of Black Sun Plott Project here



*Thank You all for the Thousand dollar donations that made this book reading possible and we give entire credit to the Book above and highly recommend purchasing at least the EBook to support this Amazing Author of our Time Stanton Marlan.
Read Rumor about this here


•Project Overview of the Dark Art and Alchemy of Black Sun Plott Project here

"I now see why they can remove over 12 years of Erik G Plott's Works and research and don't even blink an eye, to how many thousands of videos, content, photos and other 233 videos off of Vimeo, with all these banned accounts; I would want to leave this matrix as well, there is no hope either way, but to leave it and learn from your own experiences...and finally move on with the flow"

•EVERYTHING Erik Plott does is a #ThoughtPROFESS, which means he is not a guru, teacher or anything other than thought professor, which means take it or leave it, he isn't trying to have followers or one doesn't have to subscribe to what his experiences are, one can share if they will, no worries either way..Listen to his disclaimer here on the podcast

I am glad you are spiritually mature enough to not start an argument or debate about whether earth is flat, a spinning ball globe, or concave cosmology earth cell; either way, no human will be able to prove it, and spiritually it doesn't matter just like time or when we all came here in reality, or "What our purpose is" etc, these are DIVINE Topics that can't be measured, because we live in a 5th dimension matrix simulation reality that is more concave cosmology but not completely; that's the interesting thing about the 5th dimension we cannot express it in words, titles -labels or science, take it for what it is worth...but as for me I made #OfficialBlackSunBabyMOVIE to compile evidence of what others have said Black Sun is about or what they think it is...I personally know from my own experience what the black sun is, and this also goes for those who were near death, on a death bed, or even suicidal, are very aware of the Black Sun. (DMT releasing experiences or split second, no one's experience is more important than the next, but for me I know it because I went through it, respect my experience and I will honor yours as well)..I have a close relationship with this Aether of the Void, Death, Father Time, Choronos, the VOID, whatever one word you wish to put on it, the infinite source, or unconditional consciousness etc... with this "HIGHER SELF or Highest Self, the true self" which When I got close to it, I was able to download .... ⁣I was able to download information into my pineal gland, the first eye or third eye spirit connection, a truly remarkable creative imagination experisnec that was very real or surreal for that matter.. and I will never forget when this spinning vortex black hole sun came to my window; yes I personally experienced it, so as far as who is right or wrong duality, I don't have time nor energy to try to recruit you to my experience or convert one to blieving in what I say or making a cult, occult Nor REligion out of this project, and to not going to say you are wrong and start a debate, I feel you are also probably more spiritually mature than that as well, otherwise you are just like the rest in the White Sunlit world, that wants to prove their point, or promote their dogmatic bias and belief system they formed from another man-made archon and their book or parable etc.

I am sure this is not you however, you seem more genuine than the rest, for I don't try to convince some faith, belief, or hope in something, the only reason I have taken my time to do over 300 videos about the black sun and my personal experience,

(Look up #BlackSunBaby Playlist to see my story's of How this Black Sun took me over as a Human Animation Vessel in the 3d Matrix and heavily influenced and forever changed me for the best. I feel more divine, complete and whole than my entire 30 years of strong bible faith in hope of the Bible God and Heaven afterlife duality Illusion or disillus ion that I now know is my reality.NO RULES, LAWS, REGULATION To this 5th Dimension, even if one doesn't have the third eye to see it; If God existed, it doesn't have any obligations or requirements and Nature Reality Proves this, Man dogma is what makes such rules and bias for controlling weak minded Sheeple, which we call White sunlit Archons or Controlled by Higher level elite DeceptiCON's whom tell the Candle Light people what to say and what to belief in...They are brainwashed by indoctrinated groomind and other hexed semantic illusions for those who lack spiritual living soul courage...I call us the LIVING SOLS that are SHADOW BOUND or Dark Workers, for if you can't overcome your fear in the Boogy Monster God daddy in the skies, or demonic satan Villian etc, then you lack DMT Pineal Gland connection and religion has caused this blockage of the Milk and Honey Connection to the KINGDOME of Heaven within....Be Life, to be REAL and to me this is Be WISE. Plain and simple.

Overcome darkness by joining the Dark Source, which is the Source to the Force, no matter what the Darkness is much more massive than the little candle lit. Let go of all Fear, Guilt, Shame and Regret, set the spirit free within the Dark Void.

or check out how I crowned and declared throne of skulls the BlackSun Emperor over my Dark Void reality and this Metaphysical White lit matrix circus at fan page Black Sun King 012 : BLACK Emperor: Hyperborean Aryan God Beyond -

My Story of How I know I took over the Dark world here.

Take what you will with it, judge or condemn me all you wish, I see through all bullshit with my First eye Black Sun Pineal Eye, whether you belief in it or not , I care not what any archon shadow reflection thinks about me, why be distracted by static challenge obstacles of the AI Soulless Artificial Intelligent Being that is all around me, and I create in my existence.... it is none of my business nor do I care, quite frankly, my reality is flowing with #NatureREALITY1 Magnetic Magic Flow of Holy Spirit Black Sun Aether Cryptic Power of Dark Shadow Bound Hole Sun. )

is because it is for me, and again my own reality and experience, and no one else's..In other Words, I know what I know, because I KNOW IT...I don't believe in it..We aren't what we belief in anyways, we are what we are.

This is why now I have put together reading on the matter, called "The Ultimate Black Sun; Dark Art and Alchemy" Which is going to delve even further from other individuals experiences who also witnessed and experienced this dark sun, which nearly all religions have taken as their own god, the bible, allah or torah god etc, all are referring to this BLACK SUN, which is the Death Star, Dark Star and Millions of other names...I am glad to put the alchemy of how all this works up in an audible visual movie here below:

ULTIMATE BLACK SUN DARK ART AND ALCHEMY full Reading about Black Sun Experiences have existed throughout the ages here

With all due respect and honor Plott Palm Trees channel.

Work dedicated in honor to Stanton Marlan and Carl Jung, this is Plott Palm Trees production last project to one of the greatest books of our time, that has become a Bible to our Subconscious Human Psyche Research and Experiences of our Reality Matrix Simulation we mesh into a Materialized 3d world, brinking into existence from a 5th Dimension Mystery that man cannot express into words or language with numbers, but one can experience in dreams and spiritual enlightening epiphanies and other "ah ha' moments.
this is to you, cheers to those who go deeper and further than man-made beliefs and books, this book of writings go deeper than what is allowed by mainstream white sunlit matrix world, the soulless demiurge.

FOREWORD: Stanton Marlan, Ph.D., A.B.P.P., L.P. is an archetypally oriented Jungian analyst and a clinical psychologist who has a long-time passion for alchemical studies. He worked closely with James Hillman, first as his analysand and later as a colleague and friend. Over many years, he exchanged ideas with and helped James to edit his work in Alchemical Psychology. Dr. Marlan holds two Ph.D.’s from Duquesne University, one in Clinical Psychology and one in Philosophy. He is a training and supervising analyst with the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts, President of the Pittsburgh Society of Jungian Analysts, and past President of the American Board and Academy of Psychoanalysis, as well as an adjunct Professor of Psychology and Clinical Supervisor at the Duquesne University Psychology Clinic. Dr. Marlan has lectured widely at Jungian and Archetypal conferences in the United States and abroad, including the first International Conference on Jungian Analysis and Chinese Culture in Guangzhou, China; the IAAP International Congresses in Cambridge and Barcelona; and the first international conference of the Society for Psychology as the Discipline of Interiority in Berlin. He was a keynote speaker for the Jung Society at the University of Toronto. He has taught at the C. G. Jung Institute, Zurich, as well as other Jungian institutes and universities. He is the author of The Black Sun: The Alchemy and Art of Darkness, and the editor of Salt and the Alchemical Soul and of Archetypal Psychologies: Essays in Honor of James Hillman, and has written many articles on alchemy and Jungian psychology. He is currently working on a new book entitled The Philosophers: Stone: The Alchemy and Art of Illumination, to be published by Texas A&M Press.

CHANGED MY LIFE: In Order to Get COVID On Must First Get the Vaccine ONLY (science researcher proof)

OTHER GREAT BOOK READINGS "Nos Book Resurrection " Found here

•YOU ARENT ALLOWED TO SHARE THIS• “End of all Evil “ they won’t allow us to share but maybe this link will work for y’all here
This auditor book sells for 1200$ and now I see why.
It doesn’t share then this was the link. Maybe I will post on YouTube. I do a version where I read the entire book live as well. Took me forever. After that they stopped messing with me politically. I learned too much at this point and natural law.

MORE PODCAST #BlackSunKing012 here

Also Check out Erik Plott's #StrandedJUNGLE movie here

WE ARE ABOUT SOL you TIONS = Solution = SOL ~E.G.Plott~

Read Rest
⁣PT 1.5 FULL VERSION SOL NIGER: The Ultimate Black Sun Art of Alchemy And Darkness

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: SOL NIGER • Ultimate Black Sun the Dark Art and Alchemy

⁣Obsidian Mirror Crystal ⁣PT 1.5 FULL VERSION SOL NIGER: The Ultimate Black Sun Art of Alchemy And Darkness

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BlackSunKing012 20 days ago

For Six thousand years or more, the mythologies of the world's great civilizations have all taught the same basic morality play: gods of order created order Cosmos out of primordial chaos, they called "good", and Chaos they called "Evil".
"Heros" Who served the gods of Order defeated the gods of primordial Chaos and enabled the religions and civilizations of Order to emerge. Meanwhile, the gods of Chaos continued to Menace and bedevil the established Order, which made them "evil" by definition. The Priesthood of the Order-gods then preserved their myths in sacred texts
and codified their values in-laws so as to consecrate the established Order.
Chaotes (Chaotic Living Sol) tell the same basic story, but from the opposite metaphysical perspective of gods of Order created an ordered Cosmos to lord over their creation, limit the possibilities of their creations with time, space, matter, and moral law, demand obedience and punish them if they disobeyed, instead of living free in the timeless, infinite-dimensional Chaoverse, spirits were trapped in the CosmosPRIMSON and Commanded to submit to the warden who had placed them there. If a spirit from the CHaosverse contacted one of these Cosmic Inmates offering to liberate them, the spirit was labeled a "Demon" and the mortal was called "Demonically Possessed", vilified, cast out, tortured or killed. Sound familiar? Could that be you the judger, the one condemning me as Evil, Lost, and a form of Satan or some monster?
The Chaoverse was described not as a place of infinite freedom, possibility, and immortality, but as a domain of eternal torment and despair to be avoided at all costs called HELL. This Mythos of the Orderites, from the Chaote perspective, IS THE GREATEST LIE ILLUSION EVER TOLD.
It is basically only in the WHITE SUNLIT MATRIX Simulation World or You can call them Christians, Muslims , and Jews today...They worship the White or Black Moon Occult, the Black Cube of Saturn, and this is why they use Stars and Moons or the Cross which folds out from a cube into a Cross. They Worship Satan or HaSatan which is Left side of the brain, this is why jews constrict part of their arm to decrease blood flow to the right hemisphere of the brain and be more Left brain imbalanced dominate.
The Pineal Gland or spirit gland they wish to block, by keeping their sheeple congregation in a state of FEAR and OBEDIENCE< which blocks DMT and not allowing activation of the Kundalini or the First Eye, also known as the Third eye. The Pineal Gland is symbolic of the Black Sol Sun or Sol Niger, which is the Hidden Eye or the Hidden One known as God.
Religion has Anthropromorphisized the idea of god and its sacred geometry into numbers such as 72 and 72 or the 144 Merkaba. Or 24 and 42 which is Saturn's Cube or the Matrix Demirge. Listen to #BlackSunKing012 Pod cast if you wish to learn more about the REAL ESOTERIC MEANING of The #Syncretism and how the Bible is nothing more than #AstroTHEOLOGY or Study of the Sun, Stars, Moon and the Black Sun written in poetic parables NOT TO BE TAKEN LITERAL, or else you shalt be enslaved by their Semantix Hex and Cursed in a state of Fear, Guilt, Shame and Regret all of eternity in a HELL LOOP, that you yourself have created by the means of some Holy Book, who was made by "HOly Chosen People" and the "One Only True Holy god" all made by man and ai soulless archons who are the slave master elites or aka #GODvernment.
that is who you really serve. It took me over 33 Years to figure out it is NOT Literal nor the True Truth.
The Absolute True Truth is what you know and experience from within.
Be LIFE to BE REAL and This will make you BE WISE.
Let it go. The Illusion s and lies of the Matrix Demiurge.
Kindest Regards.
Watch LATEST "SOL NIGER or BLACK SOUL SUN and the Art of Dark Alchemy Full " here

•Welcome to the "ZEN" Brain or First Eye Opened To #NatureREALITY1 • BIBLE AND ALL ANCIENT HOLY BOOKS ARE NOT LITERAL, but they are esoteric and hidden wisedome of the Body Mind and sol and it hides these secrets in Allegories and Parables or stories that which are like having to do with Kundalini or about first eye enlightenment...such as "And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so, must the Son of Man be lifted up, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved." John 3:14-1
American Plains Indians seeing trains for the 1st time called them Iron Horses because they could only use the words they knew to describe the hitherto unknown. The word for snake or serpent in Hebrew is Nahash. The Hebrew word for electricity is Hashmal..taken from the root word for snake and literally means serpent-like, or that which moves like a serpent. So when Moses was lifting the serpent in the middle of the wilderness, using only the words he knew to describe the hitherto unknown what was he really doing?



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