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Potato chips saved my life. What a load of bullshit

General J.D. Ripper
Published on 23 Mar 2021 / In Uncategorized

Boulder Colorado shooting

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 2 months ago

ryan borowski
gee, jewy jewness of jewosity and jewballism. and pole.

talks like a fag.

"Borowski/Borovsky families of Jewish origins were Mentioned and the family name is also present among Jews."

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TIGER 2 months ago

bullshitters always give way to many details - a psychological compulsion to compensate for being dis-honest. Always remember if you are bullshitting - keep it brief ha ha fucken rookie what a noob who gives a fuck about your sick wife or if you had a sugar craving or if you didn't usually go to that shop cunt

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Zombie_Annihilation 2 months ago (edited)

I don't even need to look into this to know it's a crock of shit to push gun control. Most people are too stupid to have any critical thinking though. This isn't rocket science. They want to ban semi automatics just like they did in Canada. I saw this agenda coming from a mile away. It was just a matter of when they would do it.

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MaxMutzke 2 months ago

ahm,... ahm... sounds like gates

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