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Police officers in Boulder, Colorado just came running from the direction of the store. Not sure what’s going on but some appear to be leaving the scene headed somewhere else after an active shooter(s) situation that is still ongoing

Dan TheOracle
Published on 22 Mar 2021 / In News & Politics

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Snide 2 months ago

Somebody dropped a doughnut.

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Scatterbrainkid 2 months ago

They are moving in the direction of the highschool down the street here.

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IdahoBen 2 months ago

I think they are headed to their break. The actor's guild is a union and breaks are mandatory.

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Dan TheOracle
Dan TheOracle 2 months ago

they were heading to a report of another shooter. how could these be actors you retarded faggot? literally the whole states cops are there, are they all "in" on the hoax? your too fucking retarded to exist...

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