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Police officer uses elbow to break mans nose

Published on 03 Jul 2019 / In Non-profits & Activism



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Police officer is sentenced to 14 months in prison after cowardly elbowing arrested man in the face and breaking his nose.

A former Massachusetts police officer has been sentenced to more than a year in prison for elbowing a man he had arrested in the face and breaking his nose.

Christopher Roeder, 50, was found guilty in February of deprivation of rights under color of law and falsification of a document.

The officer had been directing traffic in a construction zone in Hadley, Massachusetts, on March 30, 2017 when he said he was clipped by the rearview mirror of a truck driven by Nickolas Peters.

Four days later, Roeder spotted and arrested the motorist who had hit him.

While booking him in at Hadley police headquarters, shocking surveillance shows Roeder elbowing the suspect in the face, breaking his nose.

Roeder was sentenced Thursday in federal court in Springfield to 14 months behind bars, while a mere citizen could easily get 5 plus years for doing something similar to those cowards wearing a gun and a badge, and a year of probation (10 years for the mere peasant citizen in the same predicament). All charges Peters faced were eventually dismissed.

The surveillance video from inside the police station shows Peters and Roeder arguing briefly before Roeder, who was standing behind a desk, walks over to the seated suspect to handcuff him to the railing on the wall.

When the officer goes to grab Peters' wrist, Peters puts both hands behind his back, refusing to comply. In response, Roeder elbows Peters in the nose. Shortly after, the victim's blood can be seen trickling all over the floor and the bench where he was seated.

In a report on the incident, Roeder claimed he was forced to elbow Peters to prevent being attacked.

In their usual cowardly and lack of balls among them, he said 'I felt I was in imminent threat of being overpowered,' Roeder testified during his trial.

But the surveillance footage didn't back up Roeder's story that he was in danger, prosecutors said.

Roeder was fired for falsifying reports after he was indicted in January 2018.

During his trial, his defense attorney, Thomas J. O'Connor, argued the officer only only elbowed Peters to force him to "comply".

'He didn’t have to wait to be hit,' O’Connor said, according to Massachusetts Live, during his closing argument in February, adding that Roeder struck the prisoner once to gain control, then called paramedics to get him medical care.

But Assistant US Attorney Timothy Visser told the jury Roeder's actions were revenge for Peters hitting him with his truck.

'He knew that he was not allowed under the circumstances to break Peters’ nose, but he did it anyway,' Visser said.

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AppalachianAmerican 2 months ago

If you hold the cursor at the 29 seconds mark & click, you can break his nose repeatedly.

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franciscopollardo 8 months ago

I have been around a lot of Cops. You do not debate them. Do not argue with them. Just behave like a POW. Name and date of birth only, instead of like your name, rank and serial number. Behave like a disciplined soldier taken prisoner. Noting physical will happen to you, besides, keep your mouth shut like an attorney would tell you. The less you speak, the better for your case.

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White Power
White Power 2 months ago

A bullet to their fucking heads will straighten the jew puppet pigs right out. I know, easier said than done to get away with serving that justice. I, unfortunately, have been around plenty of pigs myself, naturally on the opposite side of them. You're certainly right about not saying anything though, it'll only be used against you to do you more damage in some way (extra charges, etc.). If you've been wronged by a pig, your best bet is to seek it out, its house, and throw a molotov cocktail through the bastards window at night....or, use your imagination. :). But, odds are they'll catch up to you eventually if the retribution was served to its proper point.
The pigs can NEVER be trusted, they are the lowest of the low even if their happens to be a few needles in a haystack, and you can NEVER forget where they get their paychecks from, (((those))) are their absolute masters and they will do ANYTHING that they are told to do for their paycheck/job.

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