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#Police Harass Shopper & Demand He Leaves Store They THREATEN ARREST For NO Mask??? Police have spent years recruiting the left

Published on 07 Nov 2020 / In Police State / J.W.O.
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Goyimbirkenstein 26 days ago

Can't someone just follow them home and make a list of where they live?

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Patriot_Rising 2 months ago

The only thing stopping me from going hot on these faggots is that subtle voice that says, "Make your life expensive for these SOB's" two mental midget traitors can easily be replaced, but we are the FEW ladies and gentlemen.

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HereAmI 3 months ago

Any requirement emanating from "government" is merely advice - it is not enforceable unless the victim agrees to it.
The legal maxim being "Consent Makes the Law."
And yet police Karens are always in the forefront of the government attack dogs.
Utterly disgusting.
They should be shot as soon as they start their bullshit.

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jamesonjohn45 9 months ago

Listen fuck head faggot piggs, Policy is not LAW.

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WitChKinG 9 months ago

you need to leave the stooooore... please leave nooooow*short right hand right in the cocksucker. strip her tazer and hit the first guy right between the fuckin eyes with it. 3rd man leg kick to the shin, hammer blow right on the sniffer with the tazer. all three on the deck, cuff them all together by arms and feet then post up and wait for their back to arrive in the chemical section. uh huh. come on then. i can totally see it now. lol.

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