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Pink Elephants in the Freedom Movement

Published on 29 Sep 2020 / In Conspiracies

some of the actions and statements being made by influencers and their promoters make no sense - and worse they will not check but blindly insist on spreading these false & sometimes ridiculous claims about our laws and science ... original stream flagged 11/09/2020 ... touch a nerve did we? part 1 features Fanos Payanidis and the 99%, Topher Field, Avi Yemini & James Bartolo.
Comments made as statements of fact are often so misleading or contradictory it just adds to the overall confusion already created by MSM, WHO and governments - yet many of those searching for answers normally wouldn't get caught up in such obvious & potentially destructive flim flammery - so what is going on?
We got a bit distracted so we only covered 2 of the characters and some of the associated issues ... but it was a good chat ... thanks to those who tuned in ... lots of bits to come!
and the rest have no idea the potential consequences of what they are saying or doing ...

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UninformedConsent 7 months ago

The NWO will only benefit a very small group of people.

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