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Pimp trafficks underage WHITE women

Published on 08 Apr 2021 / In Niggers

⁣Rapper Sauce Lean Sentenced to Life in Jail For Sex Trafficking Ring

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apekillerX 9 days ago

There is absolutely no difference having niggers feely walking the streets in White Nation's ; or lions - tigers - bears and wolves ! Snap the hell out of your zombified stupor fellow White Brethren ! south africa is fast approaching your doorsteps ! Don't believe me ?? Get your head out of your asses and look at what's happening to our people in south africa - canada - sweden - norway - france - germany - U.S - denmark - finland - netherlands - Britain - england - Scotland - Ireland - greece - italy - spain - portugal and many other White Nation's . We are at "WAR".

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NewWorldCircus 9 days ago

These NIGGERS are so dumb.
"hey, you know what would be cool; if I rapped about all the serious crimes and felonies that I commit!!!.. Yeah, I'll go into detail about all my criminal behavior in the studio on the mic, and spit the truf, and publish my music".

Dumb isn't even the word to apply to this guy.

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NewWorldCircus 9 days ago

Rule of thumb: if they're a NIGGER, they're probably guilty of something.

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