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Pettibone Twins & No White Guilt on Dating & Female Hypergamy

Dan TheOracle
Published on 04 Apr 2021 / In Video Vault

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NewWorldCircus 8 days ago

Will women in society be happy down the road with the lack of restraint, and boundaries they have in the dating world??

Seems like their unquenchable appetite for the top notch man is an undying impulse, they forever chase.

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Dan TheOracle
Dan TheOracle 7 days ago

women are weak and open to propaganda, women dont want top notch men its just that is what is advertised to them on every tv show, advert and propaganda piece and they stupidly fall for it which means the "top notch" men get to abuse their position and treat these women like the worthless whores they really are. that is what this whole video is about. women should be trying to find the best men to settle down with, not the prettiest men just to sleep with.

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DelagoriusFinley 15 days ago (edited)

I saw first hand how cancerous this "Dating culture" was from watching my father, The man is good looking but he always made one big mistake, He did whatever the fuck his girlfriends would ask him to do, He allowed them to get away with whatever they wanted, The man never had a stable relationship and wasted his whole life going after women who found him pretty but only wanted to abuse him, That left a strong mark on me as a child, Later down the line when i had my chances for hookups i just said no, It made a lot of faggots and asshats laugh at me and insult me constantly but i never wanted to settle for some empty 2 month relationship were I'm going to get treated like shit and forced to appease a worthless whore who doesn't care for me and only wants money, Attention and pleasure. Strong measures will have to be deployed and these whores will have to be put in their places, It won't sit well with a lot of weak willed faggots but that's how a strong culture thrives.

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Fender 15 days ago

During the Fall of Rome women talked a lot... afterwards not so much.

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truthbombs 16 days ago

we need white sharia, women are out of control, they're all whores

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Dan TheOracle
Dan TheOracle 15 days ago

praise kek

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