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Pastor Pulled Over & Fined For Attending Church Service in Canada

Published on 21 Apr 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣Pastor Pulled Over & Fined For Attending Church Service in Canada

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apekillerX 25 days ago

Over 98% of all pigshit in every White Nation are White ! They swore an oath to : " Serve - Defend - Protect " their fake ass jew / SOS / GOG kingpins and their global horde of 9 billion weaponized subhuman apes - sand niggers - filthy damn asians - himalayan mongolian apes and wetbacks. pigshit are payed 30 pieces of silver :( blood money ): for enforcing their kingpins kalergi plan and herbert apthekers negro revolts aka White genocide. They are the most useless POS traitors to their own Race - Nations and Families ! They are marked for life and will soon be stalked - tracked - hunted and killed by the very FAJ / SOS / GOG and 9 billion subhumanity they were hired to Serve - Defend and Protect. They will have no place to f....g run and hide when the SHTF and Yahweh / Jesus Christ returns to save his remnant White Adamic Israelite Race. All White traitors will be exterminated alongside the fake ass jews :( gog ): and their 9 billion horde of subhuman parasitic filth :( magog ): Micah 4:13. Obadiah 1:15-18

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cracker 25 days ago

See what happens? Never cuck to the Jew.

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Here they already have immediate action units in place, at least 20 men strong, which are alarmed for any "illegeal" or suspicius gathering of more than three people

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HereAmI 25 days ago

The thing is, that legally, nobody has any rights whatsoever, because they were surrendered to the state when your parents registered your birth. So you are now subject only to the Master's Will, whatever that happens to be, whether wearing a mask for no reason, washing your hands for no reason, socially distancing for no reason, not attending a church, or getting vaccinated for no reason.
This is how things are unless you assert your Common Law rights, which basically allow you to do anything as long as you are not causing harm to another person or their property.
So, NO names or addresses should be given, NO reasons should be given as to where you are going or why, NO papers should be accepted from these enforcement agents, and compliance of any sort, eg by obeying any order they give you, should not be entertained.
They, by stopping you, are committing Breach of the peace, and if they lay hands on you, that is assault and battery. If they handcuff you, they are committing unlawful detention and kidnapping.
Do NOT enter into any sort of agreement with them to do anything, but stand on your Common Law rights, and remind them of the simple fact that, according to the great codifier of the Common Law, Sir Wm. Blackstone, "No enactment of man is lawful unless it complies with the Laws of God."

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