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Paris France today! Civil war, just as it was planned!

Published on 01 May 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣Paris France today! Civil war, just as it was planned!

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devnly 1 month ago

Oh, Paris, FRANCE you say. I thought you meant Paris, Texas. Retard.

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Earl Turner
Earl Turner 1 month ago

i thought Laissez-faire society was working for france ??

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Salty556 2 months ago


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isn't it strange that we have government orders to do nothing at all except work. Aren't riots sooner or later to be expected...and will they escalate totally at some point when this ronashit goes on? Do the communists benefit? or do deep states benefit? How? New Order...after the fire has been quenched? And WHAT order? by whom exactly?

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Fender 2 months ago

They don't need workers when they have robots.

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apekillerX 2 months ago

Problem - Reaction -Solution . Those FAJ / SOS / GOG control all 3 elements , leading to one end : " Globalist state - owned and controlled exclusively by the fake ass jews . 👺👹👺👹👺👺👺👺

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deathskullsfleshbones 1 month ago

Wtf are you talking about? Its clear that you watched a video but we dont know what faj sos gog are, name the enemy say "jews" if you mean to spread info.

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