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Pacific War WW II Battle of Tarawa - Air power & Sub warfare

Chaplain Bob Walker
Published on 15 May 2021 / In History

⁣Tarawa Island invasion by the US Marines also Truk Island
Note: I do not glorify war - this is for historic reference only.
Get the book "WAR IS A RACKET" BY marine general Smedley Butler

This public domain historic documentary of the Pacific war in Asia between the Imperial Empire of Japan with the Japanese Navy and the United States Navy is written from the view of the victors.
Walter KronKIKE? narrates the video
This is about World War two and the Naval battles between two superpowers of their day. History is always written by the victor. WW II was a horrible event that I hope is never repeated. World War 2 involved almost the entire world, save the South American countries. I would hate to see a WW III. The New Hellcat fighter airplane helped sweep the skies of the Japanese Zero fighter. The US fleet submarines or subs sank over 50% of the merchant fleet of the Japanese Navy.

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