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Published on 18 Jul 2021 / In Police State / J.W.O. just gona leave this here...

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DARRYL DUNCAN 9 days ago

I have never seen the State of Oregon. I have not ever seen a lot of States here but I have always lived in Tennessee. This State and Kentucky are the most beautiful States in the U.S.!!! We have land that will bring tears to the eyes just to see. I wish these fires did not occur but it is people doing them. The Havamal says in #38 "Leaving his arms in the field, Let no man go, A foot-lengths forward; For it is hard to know, When on his way, A man may need his weapon". This verse is instructing us to be diligent in protecting the land and our people, to always be armed so as to defend. We have another Holy verse from the Allfather in #128 " I counsel you Loddfafnir (Hodr) To heed advice; You will profit if you take it. Never find joy in evil but let good bring you pleasure". Hodr is Baldr's twin brother, blond haired and a reputable and very skilled Archer. Hodr and Baldr and Thor are the sons of Odin with his wife Frigga. Odin fathered many children with various wives he had over a long course of time. Hodr is my patron God because his life had begun as though tainted with bad luck. The twin in beauty and skills as his brother Baldr they both fell in love with the same woman but it was Baldr she chose. He went on to various other worlds to hunt and kill select prizes. He killed the Fafnir Serpent and on his death bed the dragon asked to know the name of his murderer. Knowing that the dying has great power in their curses Hodr told him his name was Loddfafnir which is to mean he killed a dim-witted beast. He was mocking the dragon to save himself the curse of the dying. In the lore of the White Race it was Hodr who killed his twin brother Baldr but he did not do it out of want or volition. He had been travelling through the Iron Wood and came upon a Witch. She deceived him into drinking a potion which robbed him of his senses and made him utter an Oath to kill his brother. To us Whites an Oath is something you follow upon knowing that your life depends upon fulfilling it. Hodr went to Baldr and told him he would have to carry through even though he loved his brother. Baldr pleaded with him to come back to Asgard and all would be well but Hodr felt the doom of his oath heavy upon him. On the given day he killed his brother Baldr with an arrow, blind because his love for his brother was shadowed from an Oath once uttered he had to carry through. Baldr sits the Courts as Judge in the afterlife but his son Forsetti took over all legal matters for our race. Both await the coming of Ragnarok and will fight with us and guide us spiritually once the Jews are defeated forever.

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CelticAwake 9 days ago

I dont know much about them at all.. :( But i like Thor. From what im currently aware (as typing this now; lol), Thor was a Brilliant God of the "lesser thans". A God of the farmers, and those who worked real hard. He faught against tyranny & injustices, but thats all i really know. His hammer has great significance to me. :) He also had Redhair, and the Swastika was always affiliated with him and his hammer Mjolnr. <3 (Jewlywood decided to give him a different image.. and now they just crap all over ALL our mythology).. Thankyou for the knowledge; you have enspired me to tackle my Norse books. <3 :)

Its such a shame of whats happening to BEAUTIFUL America-- you guys have been taught to hate yourselves for faarrr too long. :( Ive always wanted to go site-seeing, be to all the wonderful historic sites and explore the nature; America and Canada really Do have more in common than most think. Unfortunately we are taught from a young age to be resentful and hate eachother because of the many wars. But i love y'all in America; i think of you guys all the time.

I cant wait til these blasted juden criminals are destroyed; i cant Believe how much of their JWO plan has actually come to fruition. Its freaky! :(

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bdub 9 days ago

how is memphis is that a beautiful site to see?

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