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Only Nazis Speak This Way (parody)

Published on 30 Jan 2021 / In Music

Parody of My Girl ... I really need a dude for this one or someone who works in a lower range than I can (any volunteers?) ... hahaha look at me sounding like I know wtf I am talking about... actually made this ear splitting piece last election cycle so some memes probably a bit out of date.

I actually find singing relaxing and this type of thing is great stress relief XD

I got dank memes ... I post every day
the price of silence is to much to pay

I guess they'll say only Nazis speak this way
The Greens, Labor, liberals ...
traitors & criminals

I got soooo much to say they dont listen to me
I just want my child to grow happy and free

Well I guess they'll say only Nazis speak this way
The Greens, Labor, liberals ...
traitors & criminals


Instrumental break ....

I don't need your approval
I don't care about those names
I got a country to fight for
I won't see it set aflame

Well I guess they'll say only Nazis speak this way
The Greens, Labor, liberals ...
traitors & criminals

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Dan TheOracle
Dan TheOracle 3 months ago


just chilling out to some music and came across this... fucking epic.

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AnxiousAussie 3 months ago

lol thanks ... if I spent some time learning how to edit audio better it would make it easier to listen to but they are just a change of pace I indulge in occasionally

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Lawi 3 months ago

Zionists spin the word "Nazi" to distance themselves from "NAZI" an acronym formed by combining two groups, the National Socialist Zionists with the Frankist Zionists, which became the NAtional ZIonists.

24 March 1933 - "Judea Declares War on Germany"

Zionist Jews, represented less than 0.70% of the German population (about 505,000 people), but controlled more than 75% of the German Infrastructure (Government, Banking, Trade, Media, Theaters, Railroad, Shipping, Metals, Property, etc).

25 August 1933 - The “Haavara” or “Transfer” agreement was signed breaking the Zionist Jew policy against their "German goods boycott", and provided for emigration of Jews into, the Palestine Jewish Colonization Association (PICA), under the directorship of James Armand de Rothschild.

History 1933 - 1941
o German Army, responsible for recovering it's land and citizens annexed by the Treaty of Versailles.
o Zionist Jew (NAZI), responsible for staging and immigration of Jews into the new Zionist State of Palestine.
o British government, controlled Palestine and were paid a service fee for each Jew immigrated.

"Between 1933 and 1936 more than 370,000 Jews arrived in Palestine, increasing the Jewish population to 27%, and bringing about a significant deterioration in relations between Palestinian Arabs and Jews." ~ Krämer, 2008, pp. 239–240.

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AnxiousAussie 3 months ago

lol I didnt need a history lesson but thx... it happens to be a label applied to me regularly. Not sure why exactly. Not enough white guilt I guess ...

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