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Oh Englishmen sitting in cages drinking jew poison whilst celebrating a Jamaican scoring a goal all while your country DIES around you

Published on 16 Jun 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣“Manchester’s reaction to yesterday’s goal.” 😳😳😳
This is what some men have been reduced to. Willing to sit in cages like animals.

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DouglasMuller 1 month ago

Can we end their suffering? I keep pr eww aching how we must love our blood related people. This is like group jerk off session when their plenty hot woman needing a man. Like obviously they got some pent up aggression that needs relieved... obviously they want to chance defeat by picking a team and share victory as a group. ......

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con88 1 month ago

pathetic cunts

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ShortieLeeroy 1 month ago

Some of these fans will boo players taking the knee but still pay for tickets,shirts etc to line the pockets of these players.Booing alone don´t do shit.

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FrancoBlanco 1 month ago

Shameless... braindead sheeeple.. ...

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Bond0077 1 month ago

How fucking embarrassing. These same 'lions' have probably taken the vaccines so they can go on holiday, completely oblivious to what's coming this Halloween...

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DouglasMuller 1 month ago

Well you see their wives couldn't hang out and do social friend stuff or maybe to ease the worry of a daughter bleh there has to be a workable solution

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