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Officer hesitates and gets shot by a sheboon

Published on 13 Mar 2021 / In Niggers
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constitution_89 2 months ago

This "Cop" MUST be Discharged from the Police Dept. with Good Recommendation, he just Can't be a LEO.
As for the Sheboon (Man I LOVE that Title for these Scum-of-the-Earth though it's comical but They are NOT) I'm Glad "She Dead" as a Dumb Monkey would say it instead of "She's dead" (notice the proper plural spelling and if said aloud would be as the former because 'they' either Can't because of a IQ at or below 75 or intentionally Mangle English vocabulary as somewhat of a signature) but again, I'm glad that Tub of High fructose corn syrup is Dead and now enjoying her date in Hell with Real Terror instead of that FAKE Schrill of a Screaming Baboon like it was being roasted alive, it IS what ALL of them have been taught by their fellow Sheboon's and is also taught to the males to draw attention with Over-reaction to alarm bystanders so they Instantly Hate the Cop and believe the suspect is being abused. Cop's Really Do have Steel Balls to even take that job at all.
The cop did So Many Bad things that put his life at risk that it's Too Much to describe here except to say that the second he saw her gun he should have given IT a Instant Third Eye and it would have ALL been Over Right there. There is Lot's to learn for Everybody who carries here and I could write a chapter on it. If You're a Cop you Must study this and Repeat Absolutely NOTHING this cop did, he's Lucky to still be Alive.
Did I mention how Glad I am that this Monkey is Dead?

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skez 2 months ago

yeh it was a good result in the end....when i first seen it im like shit she drove off...was good to see she died not long after

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LeniRiefenstahl 2 months ago

lynch time!

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gordonsumner 2 months ago

Lesson: Do not play patty cake with a 350 lb angry baboon. You will get seriously injured, or more likely killed.

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 2 months ago

1 - all men militia no man a cop; our nation lost with 1903 dick act.
2 - a male this fat is not valid to be a cop.
3 - a male should be capable to handle any female short of a Rhonda Rousey (mma worldclass expert),
4 - the thin blue line is the only thing protecting niggers from righteous men,
they jailed Bernhard Goetz, they will all burn in hell - niggers and the cops who attack whites.

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 2 months ago

the most likely thing to harm a righteous white man, is a cop or a nigger.

i hope both were maimed.

1.) when confronted with plate-wearers, aim for the bladder.

the plates are only 8" wide by 10" tall and stop at the lower belly.
trying to shoot under stress - the largest area you have in your view
is the lower belly down to thighs, the bladder is the center of this.

2.) level3a only stops handgun calibers; use a rifle caliber, an sbr in your vehicle,
it will go through level3a, ie: you can aim for the torso again.

3.) steel rifle plates again only 8x10 are 17lbs + the loaded tacvest is 17lbs,
you can't even maneuver properly in this, thus is it not even worn in battle,
it is only for stationary.

4.) ceramic rifle plates (lightweight) still only 8x10, only stop the first 6 rifle rounds,
and are rendered useless; your rifle will hold 20-30 rounds in one mag, keep firing.

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