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Nurse Kicked off of TikTok after Saying This

Melissa Lev
Published on 06 Jun 2021 / In Phamajewdicals Vaccines
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Fryer 11 days ago

Fuck just imagine all these fuckers during the polio epidemic... everyone thinks he's now an expert but when you look at their qualifications, they got a merely grade 10 school certificate, as thar is one of the main requirements to become a nurse to have a gr10 behind your name...

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pater409 11 days ago

One more person silenced: more JEW COWARDICE comin' at ya--what else is new? What else is JEW? The Day of Reckoning for the hook-nosed, feces-eating, child-abusing JEW COWARD will come.

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Freedom 12 days ago

When the JWO controls the internet and most corporations, the use private ownership to surpass the authority of the constitution to shut down truth.

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