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Numbats vs Neuroscience1

Published on 21 Oct 2020 / In Hoaxes / False Flags

So not all scientists work for Gates and Fauci - introducing Kevin W McCairn PhD - Neuroscience Researcher and Covid Grift Buster.

I was lucky enough to have a commenter suggest I check out Kevin's channel months ago and I am so lucky I did ... one of the most honest, straight shooting, shit posting scientists you will come across Kev streams at least once most days from his bunker in Japan. Spends a little time looking at Max Igan and Fanos Payanidis two supposed "freedom fighters" & "truth tellers" doing the rounds on click bait media...

☆☆Speaking of if you can a spare a $$$ to help fix Kev's earthquake damaged roof he and his family would be very grateful ...

This is an edited extract from one of his many hours on stream discussing the emerging science around SARS COV2, the latest and wackiest theories, characters, geopolitical issues and on and on but all with the scientific method, common sense and a little bit of not so PC humour mixed in... but you gotta laugh right?!

full 2 part stream - please subscribe to Kevin W McCairn
part 1 -
part 2 -

Dr. Kevin W. McCairn Ph.D. has worked around the world as a specialist in his chosen field. Now semi-retired Kevin received his PhD in Neuroscience in 2010 after many years of study & has significant lab experience under his belt including as Principal Researcher at the Korean Brain Research Institute. His main areas of interest were neuroscience, basal ganglia, neurophysiology, nonhuman primate studies, intracerebral micro-injection, motor cortex, neural control of movement, movement disorders, neuropsychiatric disorders, deep brain stimulation, Parkinson’s disease, Tourette syndrome, motor tics
AND YES this did include a need to be aware of and/or occasional use of pathogens in the lab ...

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TheBobbyDazzler 4 months ago

May I please mirror this. I'm trying to bring Igan down. He's fucking poison.

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AnxiousAussie 4 months ago

sure ... sorry I just saw this ... if still useful to you go forit... eventually be another one on his BS re law

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AnxiousAussie 4 months ago

I must log in more often :)

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TheBobbyDazzler 4 months ago

Igan is a fucking parasite. I fucking dispise him.

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