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milhouse 1 month ago

Back To Africa Should Be Answer To Black Lives Matter:

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nobody 2 months ago

We were wrong all along you guys. There is even an evil white dude at the entrance looking disappointed of the generosity and benevolence of these people.

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rambetter 2 months ago

The difference between animals and humans is that humans live by the principle of "do unto others". Therefore your assertion (in this case) that niggers are animals is correct.

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VenatorExIudaeis 2 months ago

spot on

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milhouse 2 months ago

Goodbye To Fidelity, Marriage And The Nuclear Family

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ShaktaJG 2 months ago

So as a member of the human race I am of mixed racial stock. I am commenting here to clarify an issue I have with comparing niggers to animals as I am a human animal as most of you may be. I dont think its fair to lump all of us animals human or otherwise in with niggers. Niggers is a derogatory term used specifically towards those human animals of the black race. This is an error that plays out 2 fold. 1st let's not drag animals into the discourse. Animals in the sense of beings that inhabit our world are all engaged in a symbiotic web of life much if which is in a predator/prey relationship that pushes each species to strive towards their ultimate expression. I personally could be viewed by a person as a member of the race known for producing niggers. Niggerdom is a symptom of an error in consciousness running in the mind of human animals that usually but not limited to the members of the black race. In other words this error in consciousness NIGGERDOM seems to impact this racial group more effectively than others. Some racial strains have certain natural immunities others dont both to threats that present themselves within our habitat. Other threats present themselves on our animal consciousness with various degrees of effectiveness. Such as Abrahamic religions. I highly recommend that the promoters of this channel stay focused on the causal factors that impact our collective experience and not so much on those factors in the realm of effects. We are facing a problem that divides our attention away from the CAUSE! ZIONISM along with the believers of Abrahamic religions are hands down the number one threat we have to contend with. Do you not think that there are white niggers running around behaving ignorantly and antisocial? I am not here to judge any of you as I'm sure your rightfully angry and frustrated with the bullshit Zionist Media controlled narrative that is pervasive and perverting life on Earth for all of us. I am here to let you know that I recognize the white people as brethren vital in the correction of such errors taking place. I recognize that many of us human animals have been weaponized against the white race. Why? Because its very simple. The Hebrew Zionist have long ago selected themselves as the chosen ones in a deal they made with an off planet father god for WORLD DOMINATION. This insignificant tribe of the Hebrews has been and is still running there off planet father god program and apparently if they want to realize success they have to eliminate the biggest threat to their agenda. Guess what that threat is folks. Guess what race seems to be and has been the biggest threat to World Domination by Zionist Hebrews. When the White Race is able to shake off the shackles of Abrahamic religions and lead the charge against those that are part of the causal factors of problems in the World now then it might be a good idea to have allies. The enemy who wants to cause White Genocide have a myriad of unwitting allies in their shared self destructive delusional agenda. And Hebrew, Christian,Muslim, niggers of all racial strains agree White people must be wiped out. They already wiped out you wonderful indigenous culture. They already re-wrote your history. They gave you in its place a hateful erroneous program of submission and obedience. They emasculated you in your own lands to your face. They seek to genetically dilute you against your will and at your expense with their Hebrew agenda. Now they openly lead the charge to finally take you out completely and even tell Fake news stories to have you wearing a muzzle everywhere you go. They run your governments. They run your media. They finance niggers to burn cities down (in America anyway)and loot. They point the finger at the police and politicians (that they control) as the problem/solution. They create the problems then offer solutions as if they arent the problem and of course they point the finger at the White race as the primary problem we need to address and eliminate. You all know this shit so stop playing their game. And if you need help snapping out of the Abrahamic religion spell then let me suggest you become familiar with Sophianic Animism to get in touch with your SOURCE OF TRUE WHITE POWER!

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Well wasn't that a lot of obfuscation? Firstly your object is to separate the White races of Europe with Abraham, who incidentally was ALSO a white man (a Hebrew). Therefore you're performing the agenda of Zionists who worship the Devil btw who is that OTHER creature who you believe is made-up stories. Sophianic Animism, give me a break moron. There is nothing 'wise' about it and putting 'spirits' into creation has been around forever. The Druids were masters at it and when Ionian/Celtic Christianity arrived guess what? They got along fine genius as THAT Christianity went: "Oh you believe in spirits? Quite right! Let me tell you what's really going on." No real conflict, no theological wars, just a bunch a people sitting around making crosses and shooting the breeze about the 'meaning of life' with their Abrahamic beliefs. You do know that Abraham's father, employed by Nimrod no less had a temple under his home FULL of Sophianic Animism? It's nothing new. White Power is at heart the MESSAGE of the CREATOR, not the creation which you espouse. Hebrews are not Jews. Never were. The 'jew' is chosen by God to be the instrument of the Devil the fallen angel who currently OWNS everything. The MESSAGE of Jesus the Aramean (NOT a fucking Jew) pre-dates even Abram. You can recognise racial differences but like a nigger, you still attack the primacy of White Identity which is Christianity (the 'message' NOT the religion) so you're either just a shill Jew waving your circumcised dick at a holocaust or you're an ignorant black man who needs to do some more study before you start recommending ANYTHING to white people. You're a first year apprentice sprouting nonsense just like the Zionist Biden. .

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sluggo 2 months ago

@Bo_Jangles_wears_a_mask_now: LOL...is that an actual Biden comment?

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WhiteTramplesDirt 2 months ago

@sluggo: Would't be surprised if it was cause that's exactly how Bidladen talks! Every single time. :)

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