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Norman Spear's Table-Talk #13

Published on 22 Apr 2021 / In Video Vault

⁣13 Revolutionary Politics

⁣Norman Spear's Table-Talk is a series of theoretical muses on the future of The Movement and White Nationalist resistance in general with the aim of curating a fully crystalized set of goals and perspectives on the Dissident Right. These short videos were originally uploaded to Telegram by Rinaldo Nazzaro, aka 'Norman Spear' or 'Roman Wolf'.

Having previously worked as a CIA field operative, Iraq War special forces contractor, FBI and Homeland Security counterterrorism intelligence analyst, and Pentagon employee with high level security clearance, ⁣Rinaldo Nazzaro has a long history of involvement in the America intelligence community and within the military-industrial complex that underpins it.

After an extensive and revelatory career in the Deep State Nazzaro left the employ of the US Department of Homeland Security in 2016, joined with the Alt-Right and founded 'The Base', a non-membership paramilitary prepping network focused on imparting post-societal collapse training and expertise to thousands of Right wing Western dissidents around the globe.

He currently resides in the Russian Federation with his Russian wife and two children, therefore strongly suggesting that he is not somehow a deep cover Western intelligence asset as many have speculated.

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