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No Remorse 300 Version

Published on 01 Mar 2021 / In Music

I made 2 versions of this song by No Remorse for the movie 300 and the other is perhaps better but in this one we can see that the White Race stood up to the Jewish Slavers and even though greatly outnumbered and betrayed they fought to the death for our values as a race. Remembering all that we are within and what we want for future generations the Jews fight today using their paid off police forces to imprison us and armies to kill us but as a race we have survived and still stand defiant against our oppressors. Jews sent armies to enslave our folk throughout Europe after being expelled from Egypt and other Arabic countries when they murdered the 1st Whites, always fighting with them when stealing property belonging to our race. Now it is our nations Currency Laws that give them a stranglehold against us and we know that even if they kill us all we will never submit to being their slaves.

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