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No More Lockdowns

Published on 04 Dec 2020 / In Entertainment

Van Morrison

No more lockdown
No more government overreach
No more fascist police
Disturbing our peace
No more taking of our freedom
And our God-given rights
Pretending it’s for our safety
When it’s really to enslave
Who’s running our country?
Who’s running our world?
Examine it closely
And watch it unfurl
No more lockdown
No more threats
No more Imperial College
Santas making up crooked facts
No more lockdown
No more pulling the wool over our eyes
No more celebrities telling us
Telling us what we’rе supposed to feel
No more status quo
Put your shoulder to thе wind

No more lockdown

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Allophylian 5 months ago

Van ''the Man'' Morrison and Eric ""I Fell Free'' Clapton.
60's and 70's Legends

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