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New Zealand — Dr Damian Wojcik speaks out against the COVID vaccine

Published on 10 Jun 2021 / In Covid 19 84 / HoloCough

⁣New Zealand — Dr Damian Wojcik speaks out against the COVID vaccine

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HereAmI 4 days ago

Your patients are not "persons."
They are men and women, boys and girls.
"Persons" are defined legally as "Legal Fictions."
And legal fictions are "Ens Legis", ie creatures which are only given their identity and existence by the legal strictures which are arbitrarily imposed upon them by transvestite bolshevik scum like Jacinda Ardern in NZ, or other assorted pedophiles and monsters of various other kinds of iniquity in other countries - a large percentage of whom are mankind's eternal enemy, the jew.
This is a fight for our very existence, against an eternal enemy who has sworn to exterminate every single goy.
It's either they die, or we do.

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LeniRiefenstahl 7 days ago

What a beautiful soul...

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asbelowsoabove 7 days ago

GP's get showered with gifts from pharmaceutical companies.
GP's are completely unnecessary - Let food be thy medicine

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Joel 7 days ago

Insert Name : ''Dr. Wojcik. You DO know this is all a Jewish scheme, using every single mechanism one could possibly imagine to manipulate the public!''
Dr. Wojcik : ''Anti-Semite!!! On that note, ALL my patients, FREE vaccines, no appointment needed. Come in please. Double up on your vaccines. As a matter of fact,....FREE Fentanyl patch for every repeat visit'' <--Sounds CRAZY huh? THAT is the reality of the situation. Same goes for ALL the parents bitching about 'Critical Race Theory' and 'the perverted sexual education' their kids are exposed to. Tell these people, drive it home, (((who))) exactly is behind ALL of it, and WHY,.....END OF DISCUSSION, those parents will have their kids talking like Snoop-Dogg, dressed like drag queens, twerking while waiting in line for the vaccine,.......before their appointment with the hormone specialist.

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Soldier1 7 days ago

We need a worldwide halt to this vaccine.

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