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Never Forget Building 7

Published on 07 Jun 2021 / In 911


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Obiatch 2 days ago

"Oy vey, science it's not about rinse and repeat or trial and error, it's about me imposing retarded laws"

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SKYRADR_ 9 days ago

WTC7 was what the entire OP was all about; IBM owned the vaults in the basement, and they were emptied out during a heist before they were demo'd.... how do you rob the most well secured vault in NYC? you blow up the other buildings, and have the other half of E-Team dance as a distraction.

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mics972 10 days ago


Building Seven
from QER 2016 Winter Sampler by QUESTION EVERYTHING RECORDS, released February 7, 2016

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mics972 10 days ago

What About Building Number 7
from Blindspots by Car Crash, released March 19, 2020

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DARRYL DUNCAN 10 days ago

If a man of the White race had owned that building he would be sentenced to death at Death Row at USP Terre Haute Indiana the way they did Timothy McVeigh. But a Jew named Silverstein owned the building. Since the signing of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 the Jews have been allowed to pay out their manufactured money to murder over a billion of us Whites and hundreds of millions of others worldwide. The police here go after us Whites as soon as we get out of High School, manufacturing crimes against us out of thin air which their courts do not have to prove and they rob us of those years of life a race needs to propagate by keeping us in their prisons. Everyday in every city you will see that our police selectively do not send certain people to jail no matter what crime they commit. Everything you want to do in a court of law has a high dollar price tag. The District Attorneys are allowed by law to pay off somebody to lie against you and this is why you can never believe any News Story that talks about an "informant". An informant is anyone who would have went to prison themselves if they hadn't lied against someone else. This has been kept out of the TV News and Movies for more than 50 years. This building going down was the perfect coverup for the murders going on in South Africa and a way to attack Middle Eastern countries. It is simply Rothschild's money from the banks that controls all authorities.

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