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Negros vex French Police GOVT creates a report

Published on 03 May 2021 / In Documentaries

⁣Read the report:​

(Paris, June 18, 2020) – French police use overly broad stop-and-frisk powers to conduct discriminatory and abusive checks on Black and Arab boys and men. Curbing these powers is key to addressing biased policing, including racial or ethnic profiling, and repairing police-community relations.

The 44-page report, “‘They Talk to Us Like We’re Dogs’: Abusive Police Stops in France,” documents repetitive, baseless police stops targeting minorities including children as young as 10, older children, and adults. These stops often involve invasive, humiliating body pat-downs and searches of personal belongings. Most stops are never recorded, the police don’t provide written documentation or usually tell people why they were stopped, and measures to improve accountability have been ineffective. Several of the children and adults interviewed said police used racial slurs.

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Soldier1 8 days ago (edited)

Go back where you came from then. You won't find any sympathy among whites. It's just more of the same shit that they do in the USA and everywhere
else they go.

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