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Negress Shoots at Burger Kangs

Published on 06 Apr 2021 / In Niggers

A Burger King customer opened fire on staff through the drive-thru window after police say she became annoyed about the long wait time.

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foffwankers 2 days ago

That car is funny looking. Typical welfare neighborhood stores. The pawn shop and "rent-a-spoon" , for crack production. I can only imagine how dirty the Burger King is.

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Ryan2Pointzero 4 days ago

lol..."The Sedan"

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Soldier1 14 days ago

Niggers are totally losing it.

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Lawi 14 days ago

In the year 2025, there are no fast food franchises left in predominantly Black cities, KFC survives as a government agency by relocating to the top floor of four story buildings, monolithic in design having no windows or visible doors. Heavily guarded, these structures serve the Black masses who swarm around their base, as if they were at Mecca. Service and payment is provided by using the 'wall scanner' to scan their DAMN card (Democratic African Maintenance Number), at which point buckets of Chicken are thrown down to them.

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Sven 15 days ago

Lmfaoo. The best thing to do, if theres no other cars in front of you, is to order a huge meal, like $100+ worth, and then drive away. Don't pay and don't take the garbage, just order and leave.

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