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Naming the Jews

Published on 06 Jun 2021 / In Documentaries

Whenever looking for a murderer that is above the laws of any City, County, State or Nation to put into prison for their crimes we simply have to determine that they are Jew. Jewish District Attorneys, Judges and police officers lie against us everyday in the courtrooms, manufacturing crimes out of thin air so as to imprison us and reduce the numbers of Whites. Here then are Jews around our President Trump. If we were to look back at President Franklin Roosevelt we can see that he is a Jew under a changed name but his partnership with Jewish mass murderer Josef Stalin of Russia in the massacre of over 200 million Whites was the kicker to understand one thing: we are ruled by dictatorship only because a Jew is allowed to create and issue his own money in our nations. The laws therefore are based upon those who create the money.
The narrator in this video uses the word "Ashkenazi" Jew but this name is not necessary as all Jews anywhere on earth are 1 group of people. There are no different kinds of Jews and there is no good Jew. All Jews are guilty of the crimes of treason and those crimes they have never been prosecuted for simply because all money issued from the banks comes from Jews.

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Soldier1 19 days ago

Obadiah 1:18, Enoch 1:5-6, Ezekiel 25:14.

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Peck Erwood
Peck Erwood 19 days ago

5:27 thats a good one (these are all good, high values) CEO of blackrock aka owns 95%+ of everything in the country.

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