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Myth of the 20th Century - James LaFond (Myth20c - Ep203)

Published on 24 Jan 2021 / In Politics

“With the departure into the study of modernist philosophy as a psychotoxin hostile to ethnic identity and masculine solidarity, Rosenberg is creeping up the steps to the final crime scene of WWI that his quest is calibrated to somehow reverse. He is the coroner invited by his conscience and his own well- tempered sword of reason to conduct the inquest concerning the death of Western Civilization, who somehow convinces himself that he can reanimate the corpse once he has ascertained the cause of death. Rarely has a more heroic work of literature been attempted than The Myth of the 20th Century, marking this effort as quintessentially Aryan and about as likely to succeed as Leonidas and his 300 at The Hot Gates or the stand of Roland against the Saracens.” -James LaFond, writing nearly a century after Rosenberg, in a civilizational point that is in many ways heading into a repeat of the cataclysm that consumed the Western World, and in particular Weimar Germany, by the 1930s.

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