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⁣Mississauga Porch Pirate / Thief Fails Stealing a Package & Gets his Car Stuck in a Snowbank

Melissa Lev
Published on 29 Mar 2021 / In Entertainment
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HereAmI 3 months ago

I believe this is what John Lennon was referring to when he wrote a song called "Instant Karma."

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TomasBoarman 3 months ago

these are the creatures the " govt" will arm and use to loot, rape, torture and destroy us. this is the real reason the klan was formed by Gen Forrest after the " civil war"; southern states were under occupation ( still are) and were disarmed and were defenseless against the brown locust hordes.
this will happen again and is the reason for all the major " sanctuary cities". when it starts, do not go to a city, this is what they want.

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MaximumDong 3 months ago

Why call the cops anymore? They'll show up and end up shooting you for being white!!!

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momento 3 months ago

Only in Canada would you find the victim advising the criminal how to drive off from the crime scene. Crazy video!

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Earl Turner
Earl Turner 3 months ago

the dumbass is helping him ?? instead of apprehending?

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