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Mind Flux- Destination Unknown

Published on 03 May 2021 / In Music

This is music I previously uploaded to my other Channel by Mind Flux from their album Knonception of Space. The song is Destination Unknown. Dictatorship began for us Americans with the signing of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 whereby a few people were allowed to manufacture the money we all use from their own printing presses on worthless paper at no costs to themselves. They can lie to us everyday in all News Sources or make movies lying to us about anything they want, may have their paid for police forces manufacture a crime against you out of thin air to see you imprisoned or allow the worst criminals to never be jailed for any of their crimes. After paying out the money to murder hundreds of millions of us Whites worldwide they use it to imprison us towards genocide of the White race, additionally murdering people in other nations so as to establish their banks in them. Adolf Hitler refused to issue their manufactured money in January 1933 so they declared war against Germany. The deaths of so many of our oldest bloodlines going back thousands of years before the first Jews was born from an Arab and a slave have decreased our numbers greatly and now they have plans to further decimate the numbers of non-Jews with their manufactured Virus and vaccine scam.

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