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Published on 24 Mar 2021 / In Hollywood / Jewish Media

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It reminds me of being with white kindred flesh, and everyone is posing for a group photo, and all of a sudden, we all feel a presence in our congregation, and an arm around our shoulders, and we rubberneck and see that our kindred flesh group photo has been infiltrated by smiling, well-dressed, perfumed beasts... whom the "jew" bastards have convinced them that they are entitled to bury their faces up our crotches... and stick their noses in our business, and tell us how we ought to be and not ought to be, and to listen... or else... *chuckle* like a feral dog that checks you out by sticking his nose in your crotch and if you try to move away it bristles and growls threateningly!

Ah... the beauty and sentiment that these enchanting montages presented! I almost broke down in tears and repented to Satan for hating his spawn... *chuckle* because that is what they want... to appear as "nigglets" of Light, and that we should feel "Jew"day-O guilt and shame for not turning the other cheek and helping our "brothers"... ROFL!

The Fallen Ones: The Original Malignant Narcissists!

Notice the use of "We" in their projection! Their desire is to get all of Adam Kind to think inside their heads in the First-Person, Singular Pronoun!

There is nothing wrong with any of my kindred flesh to have troubles, or suffering, etc. yet still be able to "see" and sense the devil or bastard that gets sent one's way, to offer our suffering a material solution, and to identify and coddle as long as we make a promise... just like that experience on the mountain top, after 40 days in the wilderness, when one is at one's weakest point!

Yes... we suffer... each in our own way, that might be a jot and tittle to another (ust as one man's garbage is another's treasure)... but we are to be aware of the IMMEDIATE solution when it comes, and look over the shoulder of it at the angels waiting to tender the immediate pains of the flesh, so one can continue in one's sojourn!

Yahweh heals the flesh and gives strength to the spirit... to go on serving him by being available to our kindred flesh, who can name the "jew" and hate the enemies of Yahweh with a hate... like David, our Adamic white, ancient brother!

Cheers all! I love my kindred flesh! Holding out through the coming promises and pain will be worth it!


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