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Matt Hale interview two

Published on 30 Mar 2021 / In Non-profits & Activism

On Thursday, APTN talked with the current leader of the World Church of the Creator, Mathew Hale, at his home in Peoria, Illinois, about racism, and Benjamin Smith.
Peoria, Illinois is in the centre of the centre of America's heartland.
Surrounded by farmland, it is in the middle of the so-called corn belt, on the banks of the Illinois River, about 70 miles from Chicago.
It is also the current headquarters for the World Church of the Creator.
This unassuming house is the law office of Mathew Hale.
The World Church of the Creator is a white supremacist organisation. They believe America was founded by white people, for white people.
Mathew Hale preaches this message to his followers and anyone else who will listen.
Hale, as leader of the World Church of the Creator, knew Benjamin Smith.
Although Smith officially resigned from the organisation in April, he had been a member for several years.

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LeniRiefenstahl 21 days ago

It's ok for BLM to be racially oriented to their people but not ok us whites Unbelievable the BS that come from the lamestream media!

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rambetter 23 days ago

"We have the right to hate. Nobody is going to make us love by hating us..." Brilliant man. I like him. A+.

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