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Maria Zack - Italy did it - Arturo Delia Admits to steal the USA elections!

Published on 08 Jan 2021 / In News & Politics
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Freedom 5 months ago

More Q-tard reports of how Trump is here to save the world. The Q tards can't see the strings being pulled by the Zionist.

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AtlantisEmpire 5 months ago

In the 12th-century A.D. an Ashkenazim, a Khazar Jew, named Solomon ben Duji claimed he was Elijah and that his son, David al-Roy, was the Messiah. They wrote letters to all the Jews in the lands about them proclaiming the coming of the Messianic Kingdom. It has been discovered by researchers that the "Star of David" (also called the "Shield of David" and the "Seal of Solomon") was NOT a symbol relating to either the Biblical King David or Solomon -- but to Solomon ben Duji the Khazar, and his son, David al-Roy!

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IH8Commies 5 months ago

Breaking news, from backseat of a car. I have my doubts this will change anything.

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frogsgottalent 5 months ago

The " institute " isMOSSAD. This is moreJew bullshit.

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milhouse 5 months ago

The Coming Second Civil War: Part Three

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