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March 30 2021

Published on 30 Mar 2021 / In Pets & Animals

Today Cujo and I went outside before the rain hit and caught some of the sunlight while it actually felt great. We saw a huge snapping turtle that had been feeding off a dead cat. I used my old Odin Circle Kindred introduction theme for the video as a reminder that the signing of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was the day all of us lost our freedom to have equal rights with those people who create the money everyone uses. It is a dictatorship we live beneath but we may still find time to enjoy our lives as the Allfather intended. I love the words of Joseph Goebbels when naming this enemy who takes our freedom simply with the currency they issue because he spoke from a position of freedom. Adolf Hitler refused to issue the currency from the Jewish Banks of the Federal Reserve and Rothschild which ended the starvation and poverty these Jews were able to wreak upon Germany. Hitler's action ended upper and poor classes and made it so that the wealthy did not have greater rights than you simply because they have more money. Jews cannot control a nation unless their currency is issued but by issuing it all citizens are slaves living at the sufferance of Jews. By creating his own money Adolf Hitler brought prosperity to the nation, making everyone wealthier and happy and free.

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KMB 20 days ago

This Is A Good Video Keep Up The Good Work

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