Low IQ parasites flood the Southern border

Published on 06 Oct 2020 / In Travel & Events

Source: https://www.bitchute.com/video/9Lkh4UDGWBED/

Are you ready? Because they sure are.

Christ is King!

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Bruno 22 days ago

I think this was at the border with Guatemala. And I must add, the title of this video is not misleading. I've lived amongst these fuckers for the last five years and their collective IQ is appallingly low. They are dumb mutherfuckers. The kind of dumb fucks that throw their trash in their rivers, in their backyards, where ever they feel like it. They can't drive and they have no respect for anyone else but themselves. They create and thrive in a dog eat dog world. They're all skilled liars and will steal from you and justify it with the fact of their own lack, which is really just a result of their own laziness and fuckery.

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Sven 22 days ago

Just mow them down in mass. I don't know why we just don't do it already. The amount of damage they would cause to our country is inexplicable. Take them out and be done with it.

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22 days ago

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Nemesis 22 days ago

Vermin alert !!!

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14HAILVICTORY88 22 days ago

Texas, New Mexico, Arizona get your guns and ammo ready.

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Outcast 22 days ago

FYI: They're heading INTO Mexico, but let's see a show of hands for how many people things that they'll settle in beaner land and not continue heading straight for the US border...

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