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lori licks boots of BLM

Published on 09 Jun 2021 / In Niggers

lori licks boots of BLM

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Paul Mcskinbak
Paul Mcskinbak 4 days ago

Why on earth would you do that.. You couldn't make this shit up

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Dennick 15 days ago

These porch monkeys will believe anything their Jew overlords tell them. The Bible is foremost the history of the White/Caucasian Adamic race - and our and Yashua's genealogy starting with Adam. Adam is Hebrew for "ruddy." Ruddy means to become red in the face, blush.
Therefore, we Caucasians are the true Israelites/Covenant people of both the Old and New Testament. Finally, Yashua was White. Amongst many things, including knowing who his Father was, he could walk on water. These nigga motherfuckers on the other hand, don't even know how to read and write much less swim! BTW, another thing nogs can't do, is get a tan or have tan lines!

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pater409 15 days ago


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cracker 15 days ago

Stupid bitch that's a fucking ape!

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