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Look at the thumbnail. What you expect will happen......happens! This video is one of the most crazy I've seen.

Published on 13 Apr 2021 / In Niggers

Filed under "Niggers".

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southern1861 8 days ago

Good video. The monkey is probably thinking, don't compare me with niggers. The monkey's IQ is higher than the niggers.

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momento 8 days ago

I've always thought that apes have a higher intellect than niggers and their social behaviour is better too.

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foffwankers 28 days ago

Isn't this from the movie "planet of the apes"? I've seen it before. 20th century fox don't do research. They are jew manipulators like 50%. The other half are fake bankers committing usury.

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General J.D. Ripper
General J.D. Ripper 1 month ago

i love this video. makes me laugh everytime

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momento 1 month ago

Yep, It's one of the funniest I have seen. Totally insane scene playing out here.

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Duck 1 month ago

its not fake, its vary real, black people profesionals for train monkeys for shootings

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Truepremise 1 month ago

Fake. This is 20 years old. The ground isn't even kicking. Reminder to all 43 'WHERE AM I" folk. Me calling you retarded is an understatement based in facts & lies truly told.

Devil's-Son-Odalism-Thaholology is only the evolutionary solution.

Also, Racist = 218 Solar-Dark-Age of the 31st Dimensional Foundation.

Enjoy your new Mercedes Copy. Hand-Linkern HEIL! Ijin Bin. Anticipate better efficaciousness & efficiency for all-round laziness & restlessness 37 of the 5th Dimensional Foundation.

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