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Living in a Tower Block | 1970s London | Council Estate | Where the houses use to be | 1971

Dan TheOracle
Published on 21 Oct 2020 / In Video Vault

These are some extracts from the original documentary by award winning Producer/Director Sir. Jeremy Isaacs.
What does it mean for people who once lived in cramped Victorian terrace houses to move to the new council built blocks of flats?
First shown: 29/06/1971

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BobbyMcGee 8 months ago

Dan, If you want to understand why Modernist architecture is so ugly and why the architects didn't respect the opinions of "ordinary people" you need to watch the hugely influential THE FOUNTAINHEAD (1949) staring Gary Cooper. It is based on (((Ayn Rand's))) novel and she wrote the screen play. Drawing on her own Jewish sensibility as being the superior outsider who is hated by the masses but is so superior to them that she hates them, she projected this onto the live of an architect who refused to compromise his vision of inhuman ugly architecture. This film was one of the most influential movies for architects after the war. They all wanted to be Howard Roark. You can watch it here:

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Dan TheOracle
Dan TheOracle 8 months ago

thanks fren. will watch it in a bit. from my understanding its mostly the kike/communist influence because they built exactly the same shit in the soviet union around the same time. they just want people to be "battery hen" humans aka slaves

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