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Level (Flat Earth Film) PG Version

Published on 21 May 2021 / In Flat Earth
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Adaptordie 20 days ago

The earth is most definitely flat.

The main goal is to get the people to deny their own God given senses.

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Maximus 26 days ago

This topic still seems to be the one most unacceptable on any website, even this one from what I’ve seen. Every person I’ve ever mentioned this too in person gets immediately defensive.
We’ve been trained so well to not question anything.
At the end of the day if this flat earth is all bs and we are the crazy ones, at least we took interest and furthered our own knowledge. I learned more about the globe while researching FE then I have ever do through basic public school.
I believe in the Flat Earth model more then the globe model now, if that makes me a retard so be it.

Had to vent, real life trolls have been getting to me lol

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TruthPrevails 26 days ago

Very true. The FE discussion gets probably more hate than Hitler. One thing is certain, the internet is completely littered with paid disinformation agents (IDF, unit 8200, Mossad, CIA etc) - sometimes it's amusing, but always a waste of energy to discourse with those morons.

For those with eyes to see, lots is being shown. Bitter sweet. Thanks for your comment.

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