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Published on 16 May 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣South London Parking Lot Attendent Busted Stalking A 15 Year Old Girl, Her Father Confronts Creep, Things Get HEATED
This was the moment a Lambeth, South London parking attendant was caught red-handed while on duty by a 15-year-old girl's dad as he waits for her after school.

The man was caught by the girl's dad and his uniform badge was ripped exposing his number.

An altercation ensued between both leading to the man calling the police on him.

The girl's dad could be heard calling out the attendant's name, 'Jeff'.

The man claimed to be married and a Christian as the girl's dad told him 'you're done.'

The chats between the girl and the man were also shared in the video.

The age of consent in the UK is 16 and as such, this man faces potential jail if convicted as the girl is underage.

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ChrisCracc 1 month ago

"I'm only human" LOL

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AryanBlood 1 month ago

Since the pakis and other grooming gangs are set free, I'm guessing this guy thought it was the norm in normingham. That little bitch would not be getting away with engaging in a "chat" with a much older guy if I was the dad, two wrongs don't make a right.

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K43K98 1 month ago

The black guy has a white daughter? oh lord...

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cracker 1 month ago

This fucking ape will say anything to get out of this predicament. And he will get out of this mess solely because he is a Nigger, thanks to the fucking Jews. Tomorrow this ape will say anything so he can rape another little girl. Fuck you Jews.

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AryanBlood 1 month ago

She isn't that innocent either, she a mudshark. I would probably threaten to disavow her after seeing the texts, she not once said to leave her alone, little tramp.

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Soldier1 1 month ago

Blacks get so whiny when confronted. They always attack in packs and can't stand alone.

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yardfowl 29 days ago

even in a pack they are weak little beasts.

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