Latest Call of Duty goes full political, features White Helmets and other Anti Russia Propaganda

Published on 21 Sep 2020 / In Gaming

More and more US developed videogames feature Pro US and Pro Nato propaganda, demonizing Russia and other countries, the lastest Call of Duty is another example, ties with the Pentagon are proven.

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iNFiDEL 21 days ago

Commie Russians are the most evil people on the planet hands down.

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Neff 1 month ago

So we have a Jew, vladimirlenin, calling out a company run by Jews, Activision, for painting Russians in a bad light. While I understand how that works, I'm curious how vladimirlenin thinks this is going to either paint Capitalism in a bad light or paint Communism in a good light.

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From_Europa_Ashes 30 days ago

Its partly how theylead both sides of a conflict. Even if he is not a jew, by his ideological stance, and by my own way of analyzing and judging and forming my own opinions on what happens around, for me, its a honorary jew. Your loyalty goes to jews? Then your also my ennemie.

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Neff 29 days ago

How right you are! I suspect "he" is one person whose goal it is to spam the website with Communist-friendly (i.e., Bolshevik-friendly, a.k.a. Jew-friendly) propaganda. But like Jews (or those whom are influenced by Jews) do, they try to separate themselves from Communism, whether they're attacking it or defending it.

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RadicalGreek 1 month ago

you must not know that the company is run by jews.

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TruthPrevails 1 month ago

Totally! It's nothing new but disgusting how bad it's gotten in just the last 10 months. I'll never support any of their platforms again.

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