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Krazy Karen's UN Cop Catastrophising

Published on 29 Jan 2021 / In Cointel Pro Shills

I'd like to point out emotive repetition, which is a well known tool used for brainwashing/subversion, is liberally employed by Ms Brewer the ANZAC valor thief. I could spend all day trying to counter the insane rhetoric of Australia's Freedom Day - Stand In The Park - Patriots Roll covidiots and their inFLUencers ... but surely most know they sprinkle a big steaming pile of crap with a little truth sugar to make it palatable for the more gullible. You'd think after this lot tried to say we were all going into full lockdown possibly enforced by the military on the 15th January 2021 they'd be more careful about claims like this. This clip is only from the last few days... unfotunately I have been blocked so couldnt give you the exact date and time... after the 27th Jan 2021 anyway.

Oh and if you aren't with the Patriot's Roll then you must be a freemason too ... ummm if this is the case I wish they'd start paying us cause seriously I'm a little tired of the struggle to keep afloat and apparently they are meant to look after their tools arent they??...

lol either the people who oppose you aren't freemasons or most of your claims about freemasons looking out for one and other is wrong ... take your pick kids ...

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Morgellons Live
Morgellons Live 2 months ago

Glad you are exposing them , so much evil so little time . How do they not see these creeps come from nowhere , thousands of subs and the final straw , they all know each other for livestreams .

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UninformedConsent 6 months ago

As soon as someone appeals to my emotions instead of logic I shut my emotions downs. It's just a manipulation.

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