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Korean Cult Leader Blessing His Followers! lmao admission fee is 100,000 won = $90.00

Published on 21 Apr 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣Heo Kyung-young enjoys a luxurious life by receiving admission and lecture fees for "treatment by groping the whole body and making eye contact"
The daily life of former Democratic Republican President Huh Kyung-young, who was running for the 15th and 17th presidential elections and attracted attention, was revealed.

TV Chosun'Exploration Report Seven', which aired on the 13th, reported that former governor Heo Kyung-young is enjoying a luxurious life. According to the broadcast, former governor Heo Gyeong-yeong held a 'home visit event' at his home called' Heavenly Palace'.

The 'home visit event' is held twice a month and the admission fee is 100,000 won in cash. About 200 supporters gathered at the 'home visit event'.
Former governor Heo Kyung-young told his supporters, "I'm a person (from heaven), a direct store. Religion is all an agency. Right, right?"
Heo Kyung-young also receives lecture fees separately. The lecture fee is 20,000 won in cash, and more than 100 people attend each lecture.

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TrumanBurbank 12 days ago

rofl feels them up and slaps em in the face!

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Nosoyboyguy 24 days ago

His groping is over 9000!

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Oh no, I scrolled back up after I read your comment and there he was copping a feel on GRANNY!

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RobertCoxswain 24 days ago

Hopefully this is one of those suicide cults.

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UninformedConsent 25 days ago

I'd bless myself and save the money.

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