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Know Thyself - Where The Stars Were When You Were Born Says ALOT About YOU!!

Published on 21 Feb 2021 / In People & Blogs

If you are interested in your Birth Chart and your Natal Report, I can provide you a detailed version of your Birth Chart containing more than the basic stuff you get online for free. I can also provide you with a Natal Report that more or less shows you YOU in personality, emotions, life path stuff or your life blueprint, astrologically.
If you want a detailed poster sized (4242 x 3000...unless you want it smaller or bigger) copy of your Birth Chart, I can make you something you can frame and put on your wall. $20.00 seems reasonable.
John Lennon Birth Chart - https://archive.org/download/j....ohn-lennon-2/John%20
Adolf Hitler Birth Chart - https://archive.org/download/f....urer_202102/Furer%20

If you're interested in your Natal Report, I also do that for folks as well. It's a roughly 30 page report (PDF format) that shows you how the planets and the stars affect you and will affect you, your personality and just about every aspect of you. Your Natal Report is an astrological chart based on the mathematically precise positions of the planets and the Sun & Moon at the time, date and place of your birth. It provides you with insights into your character and personal life potentials by indicating the strengths you have and the challenges you experience in life. Your Natal Chart report covers among other things your primary motivation in life, your identity, emotions, mentality, love and sexuality, spirituality, earning ability and career potentialities and so on.
$30.00 seems reasonable.
John Lennon Natal Report - https://archive.org/download/j....ohn-lennon-natal-rep
Adolf Hitler Natal Report - https://archive.org/download/n....aral-report-of-the-f

I can also do Synastry between you and your special someone, providing incite into compatibility. Synastry is based on Vedic Astrology and it's amazingly accurate. The Vedic/Hindu culture has, for centuries, done arranged marriages. That said, their divorce rate is extremely low and it is said that if 2 people work astrologically, that is, if it is written in the stars, whether they know one another at marriage or not, as the stars say, they will ultimately fall in love and work well together in life. In a nutshell, this is what they believe. Synastry reveals a LOT about compatibility between 2 people (couples). I forewarn you though, it can reveal things that will show you things you may not want or be prepared to see or the opposite and it could be great, either way, the Synastry report will reveal to you where the obstacles are, potential pitfalls, things to be aware of in a relation with THIS specific person...the stars do not lie. If you're interested, $40.00 feels reasonable to me.
John Lennon & Yoko Ono Synastry Report - https://archive.org/download/j....ohn-lennon-and-yoko-
Adolf Hitler & Eva Braun Synastry Report - https://archive.org/download/f....urer-and-eva-synastr
If you're not interested in these things, that's fine too.

If you are, I'll need the following info from you for those I'm doing the charts or reports for:
First name (for the report or chart itself)
Date/Time/Place of birth. (Pretty basic general info) Without time of birth, it's almost impossible to know what your Ascendant/Rising sign is and it says soooooo much about you.

If you are interested, you can pay via any of the methods below.
Email me at "sonofcreation@protonmail.ch" with the necessary information, I'll work up what you want and email it back to you in about an hour. (takes a little time)

If you think my efforts are worthy of a donation, tip or gift, here's how
Venmo - @sonofcreation
Cash App - $sonofcreation
Bitcoin - 3HhcWcSnJwaC2y2bEr7MZo28Sg6m2DWho2
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