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Kikes are burning inside "israel" today. It's a good day.

Published on 12 May 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣Kikes are burning inside "israel" today. It's a good day.

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Outcast 30 days ago

I've watched this video several times. And each time it get funnier.
I really appreciate it!
Can we find another million just like her ,with very same attitude.
Thank you! To the creator.

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iNFiDEL 1 month ago

They say 2 years is generous for the jabd, so at least half of Israel is dead kike walking.

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Dillen 1 month ago

she's so hot!

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TheThinkingTree 1 month ago

They need you on youtube.

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Outcast 1 month ago

Even better, would be to create a pathogen that only effects their DNA .
Then we'd be sure to wipe our ass of these turds once and for all.
And since Yid's and Arabs share 80% Canaanite DNA .
We'd get a 2 for 👏👍
How about we play their dirty game.
Just this 1 time .
And Done!🤭😉

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HereAmI 1 month ago

My own solution is to drop poisoned shekels into the Promised Land.
Every one sprayed with spike protein RNA and those little worms that are in the masks.

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Outcast 30 days ago

@HereAmI: Sounds like a golden wet Jew's dream send in the schekles! And watch Zion
I love it.

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TheBlueMule 1 month ago

If and WHEN israel is destroyed we have to be careful where the jews flee to. Also the muzzy will take up that vacuum of power and there will even worse death and destruction.

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